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Thread: Thank you to Mark ( Cervushunter)

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    Thank you to Mark ( Cervushunter)

    Mark very kindly offered to take me out on a Stalk (me not shooting)

    I met Mark at 5.15 this morning, weather was not good, thick mist.
    We then drove to his Stalking Ground, when it was nearly light we set off,
    we saw plenty of sign of Deer, and Mark took the time and trouble to point out the signs and lay up spots as we came across them.

    By 9am we were back at the truck not having seen anything despite all the signs.
    We had a brew and then Mark took me off to fire a couple of shots with his rifle (cracking bit of kit)

    I had a great morning with a very knowledgeable guy who is passionate about his Stalking

    Mark your a Gentleman, Thank you very much


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    You are very welcome and I enjoyed your company and taking you out. I look forward to next time when it is your turn to shoot especially as when on targets you shoot better with my rifle than me

    Yes it was a shame about the weather, any conditions are better than fog
    but we went anyway, i learnt a few new things as I hope you did(geese,river,snow) . I will give you a shout soon about our next outing , hopefully we will be able to see further than 75 yards
    With luck you may have your first deer and some venison for tea.

    keep in touch
    Regards Mark.

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    Fair play to the both of you
    i did the same with Leagle eagle of this site last year
    just fortune shone on him that day

    cervus you seem like a decent and genuine guy
    long may that live

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    Don't ya just love this site
    well done Cervus fair play to you

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    Good on 'ya cervus.
    As said before this is what this site is sooooooo good at.


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    Good on ya cervus, sounds like croc had a good morning.Well done both

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    Nice one Croc,
    Just make sure you get it in writing Marks going do the dragging if you shoot one of them big red things

    Well done Mark catching ain't it.


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