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Thread: 6x42 scope , good enough ?

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    6x42 scope , good enough ?

    At the moment I put all my info together to buy/build a lightweight stalking rifle, also to be used maybe once a month to practice a bit. A few years ago I could buy 2 Zeiss 6x42 scopes, with the idea that if I ever needed a scope they were there. They still are there brand new in the box in a cabinet. Most gunsalesmen try to talk me out of this scopes as being unsufficient for normal stalking. Offcourse when I use these scopes, as I had in mind, they don't sell one. Years ago I had a 1.5-6x42 and never felt underscoped.
    Rifle will be a 308 or 30-06 for stalking in the UK , Eire. Woodland, hill, open country, ....... Whatever comes available at a decent price.
    What's your opinion ? Are there still 6x42 users around?

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    Its a debate that rages on.

    For typical field conditions encountered whilst stalking, there's very little that a 6x42 won't be plenty good enough for.

    Macleods rarely show them on their secondhand list these days - because they dont stay on the shelf long enough to type up the details - certainly for the Swaro's.

    Bigger zooms do have a role and if they work for the individual, then all power to them. A 6x42 Swaro sits on my Sako and will likely do for a good few years to come.
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    i have used 6 x42 your optic is good quality you should be fine
    where you will struggle is at longer ranges but it about being humane , shoot at shootable distances practice at different ranges.
    if you are a wealthy man by all means invest in something with more mag.
    I would advise spending your money on quality binos and a range finder that way you will have aLl the info.
    personally get closer proper hunting.
    enjoy jon

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    Please see attached. I need to get a picture of the rifle which is a .308 built on a '98 Mauser action. No bipods or moderators involved. These were the only two shots I fired with the rifle that day and the ammunition is 150gr Federal Hi-Shok. My Dad will be using it shortly to get a stag or two.
    Regards JCS
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    Like a lot of people these days I have a variable scope but for years shot with a 6x42 perfectly adequate for most situations.

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    I have 6x42 scopes (4 S&B and 1 Kahles) on two air-rifles, .22LR, .308 and .270.

    They do grand service for quarry from hedgerow bunnies to hill reds.

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    This shop had 4 of these scopes. I and 2 friends bought the 4 of them. At about 40/50 % of the new price, brand new , unmounted in the box with full guarantee. I thought, they don't eat, and I will be able to use them on one rifle or another. I could use the money to get a pair of Zeiss Conquest 8x30 or Kahles 8x32 binoculars and put something extra in a new 308 rifle.

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    All i use now is 6 x42, i did briefly use a variable and a 8 x56 but found that i hardly ever changed the magnification on the variable. The 8 x 56 was a pain in the a*s. it unbalanced the rifle plus i had to keep lifting my cheek of the stock to see through it.

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    I will keep this short and simple why complicate things with fancy vari power scopes of whatever make and price range never mind the weight, a s&b or swaro 6x42 really is all you will ever need IMHO simple as that job done

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    Got a schmidt 6 x 42 on my .243 and although I've said I'll have a zeiss on my 6.5 I'm fancying another 6x42. It's done everything I've asked of it.

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