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Thread: Red stalking for sika stag?

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    Red stalking for sika stag?

    I would be interested to hear if anyone would be willing to swap an opportunity on red stags or hinds in exchange for a sika stag (to round off all 6), stalking ground is in north suffolk/south norfolk pm me if interested!

    Figured this required editing.......I have the red stalking, but am keen to bag a sika stag at some point, :-)


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    I'll take you out for a good day on red hinds and I'll get the sika if I'm ever down you're way in the future (unlikely).

    Just give me a shout. End of October is ideal for you to come up here.


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    A very kind offer Glen, and many thanks, t'was however the sika I was after to complete the 6, very kind though, and thank you, I did think when I was writing the post it could be read either way........perhaps an edit may be needed!


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    My bad! I should pay more attention.

    I have got sika but unfortunately there is no guarantee up here with those, one can spend ten mornings just to get one.


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