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Thread: Pest/Vermin/Varmint Control in and around the Bristol Area

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    Pest/Vermin/Varmint Control in and around the Bristol Area

    Hi there guys.

    I am looking for someone who actively works/takes part in pest control/vermin/varmint shooting around the Bristol area (within a 30 mile radius say) who wouldn't mind having another gun with them.

    I don't want any pay, I have an FAC for vermin control (deer/fox at the moment, but can add anything if required) and I can get there myself I am just looking for someone to go with so I can get some practice in. There are some farmers near me that would like some pest control done and I intend on doing it for the cost of ammo as a volunteer as it looks good on my C.V. for University and it gives me something to do that I really enjoy. I am happy to give you some money for allowing me to do this if you really wanted it.

    If anyone does, or knows anyone that would like another gun with them doing such, just PM me so we can talk about it.

    I'm just relatively new to this part of the scene and would like someone to do it with whilst I get my skills up and search around for people who would like it done nearer to where I live. I have no intention of stealing business or what have you, thanks a lot in advance.

    Best regards.

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    if your after farmers paying for your ammo dream on mate there is 100s of people who will do it for sod all , ive been shooting many years and have never asked a farmer for a penny, do a good good (for free) and more will follow.

    farmers talk and word will get round

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