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Thread: .222 Loads

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    .222 Loads

    I would like some loads for .222 using varget and 50 grain v-Max please.
    Factory is getting very expensive I have been using accu tip and had good results with them but a pound a round ooch!!!!!

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    Sorry forgot to mention its for fox out of an RWS 89......

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    Ranger, there are so many powders that you can use in the .222 with 50 gn pills to make very accurate loads. Varget is probably a bit slow to be ideal, 23 - 25gns is the recommended range, max loads will start to compress.

    I use ww748 at 25 gns and Reloader 7 at 20 gns behind the 50 gn hornady sx. Pick any 50 loading data and work from there. 21 gn od N130, and 20 gns of IMR 4198 are commonly used loads with a 50 gn vmax or any other 50 gn .224 pill.

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    thanks I will look into the faster powders

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    4198 is THE classic .222 powder.

    H322 and Reloader 7 are two others that have given superb performance over the years in the .222 Rem.

    I have used both H4198 and IMR4198 in mine.

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    hi bud i used varget in mine 23g 50gvmax small br primer set at aol in the book very very acurate went up to 26g compresed load no presure sighns but 23g gave the sweet spot in my gun tikka t3 i had one hole with this set up best groupings i have ever had put 222 in serch box you will get all the informaton cant coment on other powders as varget was runing my 243 as well

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    This is why intended to use varget as use it in .243 and .308

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    there you go one powder 3calibers win win

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    what kind of velocity would you gents hope to see in your .222? I can see a varget load with a 50g will achieve just around 2800 whereas a 35g with 4198 will push nearly3500. I'm just thinking in terms of getting the best varmint round and as flat a trajectory as feasible..perhaps a 35g pushed at that speed wouldn't even be suitable for fox?


    I 'do' like the thought of using varget in my .222, .243 and 30-06. just means you can buy in larger quantities and always have stock :-)

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    3200fps is very achieveable with a 50gr bullet, I have seen one 222 go over 3300 fps (Chronoed) with 50gr bullets and good Lapua brass.

    The load data for the 222 is very mild compared to the 223.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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