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    A mate went stalking yesterday eve,he spotted a buck and ducked down but the buck must have seen movement and charged towards him probaly thinking he was a buck,it ran flat out and stopped 6ft away,barked then ran off

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    13th june, the rut was deffo NOT on.
    why should your mates experience make it rutting behaviour?
    I have had this in april when a terretorial buck gets the arse.

    If the buck had thought he was a doe and mounted him maybe i would be convinced.

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    Down here the rut is definitely on, as witnessed by 20 ramblers who watched a buck chase of another buck and then precede to chase a doe this was at 11.05am on Friday, spoke to a well known pro stalker, who assured me that on his estate the rut was well under way.

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    Out and about last evening and a wheezing/coughing buck, hot on the heals of a bleating doe ran past me at 20 metres, and I watched them chasing round and round for about 5 mins. Didnt have a rifle only Bino's. That was between Blandford and Dorchester in Dorset. So rut definitely on down there

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