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Thread: Hw60 mounts

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    Hw60 mounts

    Has anyone got mounts that would fit a Weihrauch HW60 either the optilock type or 11mm dovetail type bases.Ive stuck a set of 13mm bases on just to try the rifle out but obviously this isnt ideal .

    Cheers for any help Billy.

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    Do you want to buy some ? high low 1" 30mm mounts , if its bases your after, ive looked for years and not found any .
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    Yes mate looking to buy and would need to be medium or high 25mm rings.I can find 11mm dovetails but there all 'suitable for airrifle' so thought I'd see if anyone had any lying about.

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    Just ordered some 'air rifle' mounts to hopefully solve my problem but if anyone can put me on to some Hw60 mounts it would be appreciated.

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    They will be fine , but i mount mine on mini weaver bases , and warne QD mounts

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