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Thread: leupold m1 mark 4 10x40 sale swap

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    leupold m1 mark 4 10x40 sale swap

    testing the woter with this one hear we have a leupold mark 4 m1 10x40 side paralax external ajustment nobs this is ex militery was purchased by myself from the help the hearos foundaton it done its time in afganistan on a barrat 50cal now ex militery it has marks on it wear on top of turrets and eye bell has marks where the bolt or what ever have hit it so it has no lupold gold rings on it it has no gold dot on the paralax ajustment ih has leupold elsware on the scope and patent number etc now when it left its service in afganistan it went back to lupold to be given the once over internaly and mill dot was replaced with fine cross hair ret as they cant ship militery sniper stuff out of usa bla bla ok good bits glass is very nice paralaxes down to 10yards dials are like micromiters absolute repedative no matter how meney times you turn them and fine cross will let you see round going thro the same hole these cost 1600pound from loupold they have duell erector springs and bilt to mill speck looking for swap or sell this is a jenuine scope not some micky mouse jap crap copey its the real deal so if your intrested in a scope with historey or just looking for a sniper scope that you can fit to a barrat 50call pm me thanks robert

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    how much are you looking for ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1kevb View Post
    how much are you looking for ?
    300bud realy surprised this scope has not gone by now they cost 1600 this is the real deal as used by snipers and police forces world wide

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    a good price if it's the real deal, but sounds like it's a beaten up scope that's been part in taking human lives, worn excessively on the surface, and had the mildots removed (one of the more attractive aspects).

    in any case, could you post pictures please? did you get a H4H certificate or simlar when you bought it?

    it may be 1600 from new with original spec, but scratched and worn, non-original ret, and with the physical abuse of a barrat 50 + dust from afghanistan on the lenses, you'd be lucky if someone gave you 100 for it to sit on top of their bunny basher.

    in fact, if you show me pictures and it seems genuine enough, I'll give you 100 upon proof of postage.

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    eee thanks for that bud scope went back to leupold and got serviced mill dot removed yes and fine duplex put back in by manufacture and it is the real deal 100percent there is some were on the target turrets not on the hole scope and il give you 100pound on proof of postage what kind of statment is that i have sold lots of scopes on hear bud with prices over 700pounds you statment maikes it look like im some kind of con man i dont give a dame how meney posts you have you coments are not welcome and if i ran this sight id ban you no nead to put such drivel on what sombodey else is sellling

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    should you not be trade member then?

    sorry, it was a genuine offer of what I thought it might be worth.

    good luck with the sale.

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    Id be tempted if it had higher magnification.

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    look bud mabey we both got of on the rong foot i have used this scope for near on 4years it was purchased from a gun shop down south who had 8of them all proceds were to go to the help the heroes fund that is who i purchased the scope from and if i look back throe my pay pall will be able to pull the sale up now me being me i also contacted leupold and gave them the serial number it came back yes its jernuine leupold the mark4 m1 was designed for barrat 50 leupold use hevier 30mil tube and fit them with twin erector springs the glass is there top of there line with 1/4 micromiter ajustments i had night force 5x15x56 sold it kept the leupold why its better glass better ajustment think its 90moa up 60moa side to side so even without a 20moa rail it will get you to 1000yards no problem but honestley bud if you can find m1 mark 4 scope for 100pound please let me know all the best robert

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