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Thread: First permission

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    Cool First permission

    Managed to get my 1st permission for deer stalking, of course its location is top secret but its about 550 acres of mainly fields, tall hedges and small blocks of woodland spread out over 3 farms withing 15 miles of each other. Not massive amounts of animals, but went out walking the land yesterday and found roe and muntjac slots all around the field margins, even a few red slots but im guessing they were just passing through as they seemed to go straight through the permission. Very excited!!!

    Going to give them all a good walk about next week in the evening and mornings to see whats about and when, learn the land, footpaths, etc, and find a few spots to put up some high seats.


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    Congratulations, sounds like a good find!

    All the best with it.


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    Well done Tom not easy to come by nowadays and good luck.

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    well done, learn your land and deer will come your way, think like a deer

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    Sweet,the first is the hardest,look after it and the rest will follow.....Well done,enjoy!!!

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    Well done, the first is always the hardest to gain. Most would fall over themselves for 500 odd acres with 3 species on it and part with plenty of their hard earned for the privilege!

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Congratulations Tom,

    Like martin said, everything should start to come together now

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    Blimey, wish I could get that lucky. Congrats & enjoy

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    lucky boy very good peice of ground by the sounds of it as already said look after it and look after the farmer/farmers well as there will 100's of others who will if you wont and the sad fact is theres 100's more who would stab you straight in the back to get your land

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    Well done ! I was happy to have 50 acres for my first permission, not on it yet got to wait till August !!! I have managed to put up a trail cam ( Going up this week to see whats on it ) been up there about 6 days hopefully it will have have some interesting pics.......Will post them if any some time soon./



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