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Thread: 375 H&H loads

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    375 H&H loads

    Just got myself a Mauser M03 in 375 H&H for a trip to Africa in the future when the pennies allow.

    Since factory is expensive and difficult to source to say the least, reloading looms. My aim is to get a shed load of practice on the range before using in the field and so any advice or experiences greatly appreciated.


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    IMR or Hodgdon's 4831 powder has worked for me over the years. THere are few inaccurate loads with the 375 but these powders seem to be on the winning end when the bullets are in the 325 grain class.~Muir

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    In my experience the heavier bullets are more comfortable to shoot than lighter ones. I load my 300grn loads with 60grns of Varget which isn't too hard on the shoulder.

    Midway UK have some good cheap FMJ stuff. I wouldn't spend too much on paper punching loads as even a cheap load is fairly steep due to the bulk of the round. Don't be tempted to load low because when you reach the field you need to know how a full power round is going to recoil.

    One thing I quite enjoy is firing a mag off at a target from standing at 50 yards as fast as I can. It's a good replica of how you need to act if something big takes a disliking to you!

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