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Thread: Best 308 heads for deer? Reloading advice sought

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    Best 308 heads for deer? Reloading advice sought

    Hi guys getting conflicting advice about the best heads to bring deer down. Wouldn't mind hearing some opinions, experiences good and bad etc.

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    There's certainly a wide choice. I have used a number of different kinds of .308 bullets, from 123gr to 180gr, to shoot deer, and would be hard-pressed to pick a 'best' one.

    I would suggest:
    1. Pick a soft point/expanding bullet from a reputable maker, and suited both to deer-sized animals and to the speed you're going to fire it at
    2. Work up an accurate load for your rifle
    3. Make sure it goes through the right part of the deer.

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    I, like many others, have gone through many different types of bullet for my .308 but now have settled for one that easily obtainable, is a lot cheaper than some of the 'super dooper' ones and does the job.
    For all UK quarry I use Sierra 150gn flat base, soft point Pro Hunters, the No is 2130.
    For heavier, foreign quarry I use the 180gn bullet.
    Some people I know use the 180gn bullet for all UK quarry from Munties to Reds.

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    150 sierra game king boat tails. mega expansion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hootsman View Post
    150 sierra game king boat tails. mega expansion
    Same quality as the Pro Hunters but a little more expensive.
    Easier for reloading due to the boat tail and more stable at mega ranges, ideal for long range shooting, Scottish Highlands maybe.
    I use them when the flat base ones are not available.

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    Speer 165 Grn flat based spitzer #2035 have proved very good for me as have the Nosler 165 grain Ballistic Tip.

    I have shied away from the Sierra bullets especially the Boat tails after having a 180 grn one come apart on a 35lb Roe Doe.

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    I used Speer 150 flat base to great effect. Hornady 150 and 165 Btsp ok as well, nosler bt a bit inconsistent for me but accurate
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    Ive not used the 185 game kings. the 150s are very good and drop everything they hit. As my old man said. its not broken dont fix it. I have to say that you need to be accurate with shot placement on roe as theres a massive exit hole. Heart and lung shots are instant drops, the engine room is destroyed. The carcasses are un damaged apart from the bullet holes. I hope this helps you. They work for me but Ive still to try the 185s so I cant comment on those. cheers Hootsman

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    125 ballistic tips for death and destruction-carcass damage extensive on smaller deer or badly placed shots

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    I use 165 grain Speer soft points at 2,800 fps in my 30-06 homeloads. It is a powerful round that I have found most satisfactory for the larger species. However I have shot Muntjac with it too. If I put the bullet in the right place then carcass damage is minimal but pilot error will make a mess, as with any powerful expanding round.

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