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Thread: can i come shooting on your farm

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    can i come shooting on your farm

    It seems to me that this is what some say to try to get shooting on a farm. Well let me tell you this is not the best way in .But i will tell you this is the best time of year to get new farms to shoot on. Go look on the fields Look for winter barley. If you see crows or pigeons on them go and ask the farmer if you can help him to save his crops. You are now offering to give the farmer somthing free of charge.This is best case for you both. He gets the crops saved you get a days shooting . Thats your foot in the door now if he likes you and you are honest you can offer your services to help control the deer.But dont let him down or your out just as quick.I have picked up two farms this week well they called me because i work with an agronomist and he tells them who to call bacause no one is shooting on the farm. Good luck for those that don't have much or any ground to shoot on. Even if the shooting rights are sold the farmer can still have somone to protect his crops. Last week i had a good day on a new farm 96 crows / pigeons first time on the farm . GO TRY IT LET US KNOW woodfordfallow

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    the worst thing i see people do is get there new permission and then invite there mates up there as well and before the landowner knows it he has 2 or 3 extra people shooting there land it just seems common sense that if your new to a patch then you build up trust and a relationship then after time ask if you can bring a friend ive even had it myself when ive invited somone out shooting and they have then invited one of there friends out with us as well not the best foot to get off on

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    A good post but a reminder, if you do get a farm to shoot on through firstly assiting with crows/pigeons and then progress to deer, don't forget the crows/pigeons.

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    Good advice here I would also suggest to remember to
    Keep gates shut / don’t break fences and be honest if you do.
    Tidy up after your shoot / remove carcasses etc.
    Share the spoils it never hurts to offer even if the farmer doesn’t eat game.

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