Hi All,

I've just returned from my annual trip to the country of my birth, South Africa.

The reason for my trip this year was to complete my application for the renewal of my firearm licences (S0uth African held). You should count yourselves lucky that the FLO here are so efficient and helpful. It took me 2 full days to complete the "extra" paperwork and was sent back and forth from the police station 6 times before everything was complete. This excludes the 3 months it took for me to gather the neccesary evidence to motivate my application. As i'm not currently living in SA, i'm the type of person they want to disarm. This is regardless of the fact that i use my rifle each year i visit SA (sometime 2-3 times).

It is expected to take at least 2 years for the application to be processed (regardless of approval or rejection) only to reapply 2 years later as licences are only valid for 5 years.

So, count yourselves lucky that you live in a country that is organised and efficient and where the FLO are so helpful.