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Thread: Product testers wanted RWS ammo

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    Product testers wanted RWS ammo

    Just discovered that RWS are looking for 100 testers for their new evolution green ammo. There is an English button on their site. Some professional stalkers/deerrangers/.... on here might be intrested. Probably body shots only to discover penetration, meatdammage , stopping power ,etc.... For headshooting any bullet is lethal. Maybe somebody on this forum has succes. We would like to be kept up to date.

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    Open to residents of Germany only, and twenty rounds of test munitions, subject to three kills on game, as my poor German allows.
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    Sorry guys, your german isn't that bad Finnbear. On the other hand, few men in Europe could deliver an as profound testing of a bullet as some UK professionals could give. I am sure that a few guys at RWS can easely understand English. If I would be in a good position I wouldn't hesitate to offer my services for a more profound testing of the bullet. An e-mail is for free. A no you already have, a yes you can get.

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