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Thread: Record Keeping

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    Record Keeping

    Having been looking through the forum for the past couple of months now, I note that there was a spreadsheet/database thread and that Snowstorm was undertaking this.

    Can anyone enlighten me as to how it finished? Did it get finished? Is it available to forum members?

    Reason for asking is that whilst I am proficient wih Excel, (I use it every day in my job), if somebody has already done something, why re-invent the wheel.

    I'd be grateful if somebody has something they don't mind sharing. I have separate game books for game, pigeon, wildfowl, vermin, but feel that these aren't suitable for Stalking and would welcome any advice.

    Suffolk Shooter

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    I just looked back to the thread that you refer to - Looks like an interesting project. As a bit of background - my thoroughly exciting job is to design and build forecasting models for the property industry (in Excel/VBA with Access back end databases). I'd be quite happy to lend a hand on the technical side if there was anything being created.

    Plus - if anyone has any problems when using excel, you can always send me a PM and I'd be happy to help.

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    i remember those posts.

    I got all excited as my paper system is hopeless. Unfortunately it just seemed to dry up.

    Please do let me know how you get on.

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    Suffolk Shooter, you have a PM.

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    Thanks for the PM Downwind, much appreicated.

    I was beginning to think I'd asked a taboo question. !70 + views and only three responses.

    I'll put something together as you suggested, and then once done if anybody wants a copy, then PM me with email address and I'll send it over. It won't be password protected/Locked, so you can edit to suit yourselfs at will.


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    I have an excell sheet I use which came from Tillhill.

    Ihave used this cribbed to another estate I cull for - the Tillhill base is a bit busy with four species on it so it won't fit too well on one A4 page but with one species removed its OK.

    Its not very clever tho - you have no opportunity to hyperlink the sheets to produce say annual data - perhaps some of the clever non-techno-proles (that'd be me ) could fix this?

    If I knew how to I could attach it to this post.................

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    i for one would be intrested to see how it turns out
    keep us posted

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    I've made a start on an excel spreadsheet, with basic filters from which you can extrapolate for Charts/graphs etc.

    It has a few bugs in, which I'll try to Iron out over the next few days. Ideally I'd like to put some Macros in and add other bits and pieces, but rome wasn't built in a day. I can see now why a database package was trying to be utilised as everything is built in to do exactly that but not everyone wants or has a database programme. Excel is a basic version of a database package, but you have to start from scratch with it, and most people have it.

    I started off with Basic headings, but have quickly realised that everytime I add one, another heading feels like it should be in place as well. At the end of the day how much info you want to add/delete is upto the individual Stalker.

    Likewise graphs etc. it depends how far you want to go. If I can get it right (never happens first time), it could be used for all manner of things, but dependant on what it is you do as a stalker.

    i.e a recreational stalker, will want to keep it simple with dates, deer type, weather, number shot, shot position (One I just realised whilst writing I haven't even put in!!!)and distance.

    A professional stalker would want to add clients details perhaps? plus anything else he notices whilst out.

    A Deer Manager type stalker would want to collate the info to show number of deer educatedly believed to be on various land permissions, to maintain an equal balance.

    Cheers to Downwind for the start headings


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    You're welcome. Cheers, Pete.
    SS, you've a PM

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    To everyone that has PM'd.

    Thanks for the interest. If you can bear with me for a while, I'll happily email a copy to everyone interested who has PM'd.

    Some have PM'd asking me the cost. THERE IS NO COST. I'm doing this because I want/need something myself, and wondered rather than reinventing the wheel, if someone else had something.

    There appears to be something floating around and I'm awaiting a copy I can open (Stupid hotmail accounts )and one person even emailed me a link to a specific database package for Deer Stalkers which for the basic package is 45.00 going up to 140ish for the Estate/Pro Stalker package

    Once again, bear with me for a few days.


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