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Thread: 223 Homeloads??

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    223 Homeloads??

    Hi Chaps

    Getting a 223 for rabbits and charlie in a couple of weeks. Never had this calibre before and was wondering what people recommend trying in homeloads . Thanks

    ATB Steve

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    You may be wondering with such a popular calibre why 2 hours later this is the first reply ! lol If everyone on here with a 223 gave their bullet/powder, you would probably get 100 replies. So can I suggest you have a look at the Reloader's Nest web site and under 223 there you will find about 680 recipes for the 223. To narrow it down dramatically, choose a weight of bullet (perhaps 50 or 55 gr as that is always popular). Treat them all with caution even if they describe the same rifle as you intend to purchase.

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    I'm still trying to work out a way to reverse engineer the Sako 50gr load before I run out of them because my T3 .223 loves it

    Failing that I'll be at the trial and error stage when I run out... thread added to subscriptions

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    I run v-max 55 grainers, IMR XBR Gold Powder, CCI Primers.
    My maximum test loads I've seen are 3350fps out of my Tikka T3 .223 when running at 26.5grains of XBR powder

    Will drop any roe instantly, charlie and literally blows up the rabbits...

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    hi what gun. i got a cz 1 in 9 twist.with 50 grain v max .i use h4895 .and winchester 748 powder i find winchester nice to use ball powder.

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    I use 21.5 grns of re 7 under a 50 grn v-max in my cz and find it very good. But use caution as this my not be suitable in all rifles.


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    I use 24.1gr of viht 130, 50gr sierra b k, 58.3 mm oal, in a browning x bolt 1 in 12 twist, foxes dont like it at all, out to 200 yrds!!!

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    24 grn n140 (over max) and 75 grn amax.1 in 8 twist.this is my first pet load but going to try outhers.

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    75Gr A-Max Moly Coated
    24.8 Gr Varget
    CCI Primer
    1 in 8" Barrel 20" long

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    26grn Varget, 60grn V max out of 1:8.


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