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Thread: Essex Jelen - DSC1

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    Thumbs up Essex Jelen - DSC1

    I would just like to say thanks to Dan, Malcolm and Norman at the Essex Jelen branch in North Fambridge.

    I hope that I have passed this test, but whatever the outcome the weekend was spent with guys happy to answer all sorts of silly questions, and who made studying and learning really enjoyable despite the fear of the assessment at the end of it.

    I did a lot of preparation using the on-line training facility on the Jelen web site together with the CD rom and the guys mentioned above prepared well by keeping us supplied with endless tea, coffee, bottled water and copious amounts of cakes, biscuits and crisps !!!

    Best of luck to Steve, Cos and Jonathan who sat through it with me - only 3 or 4 weeks to wait for the result !!!

    Cheers + ATVB

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    Good on you Phil you`ll pass mate no probs.
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    Jelen Training

    I took part in the course also, and can highly reccomend the Jelen guys for anyone looking for training and assessment. The package is well prepared with a lot of information and support from all staff, who are obviously very experienced, welcoming and very easy going.

    Anyone looking for DSC1 training, give Jelen a call, Malcolm, Norman and Dan genuinely enjoy what they do and are there to work towards helping you gain the knowledge to pass the assessment.

    Anthony isnt even close.....but thanks Dave


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    +1 with all of the above I was on the first Essex course top guys and you won't find a better course in Essex imho

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    Hi guys,

    It was a real pleasure to instruct such a great group of people. As with all the courses we run, we end up making new friends, and you guys are no exception. I hope we keep in touch with you long into the future.

    We were impressed with the level of knowledge and dedication that you all demonstrated, which shows us that you were all very much committed to passing your DSCL1 long before you arrived at the lecture centre.

    I would like to thank you all very much for choosing Jelen to deliver your DSCL1 training, and also a huge thank you to our instructor team Dan and Norman, who - as always - work so tirelessly to ensure the course runs smoothly, and to offer 1:1 instruction whenever its required.

    Finally, but not least to Peter Purseglove the BASC Assessor who always runs a pain-free assessment process.

    Best regards, and hope to see you all again soon.

    Regional Manager- Jelen Eastern

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