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Thread: sako 75 trigger adjustment screw

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    sako 75 trigger adjustment screw

    hi lads, i am after a replacement adjuster screw and spring, for a sako 75 finnlight,( lost it, )
    can anyone tell me the best place to get one, ?

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    Sako will not deal with you directly from the factory, they refer you to their licensed distributor who in the uk are:
    HANTS PO15 5RL
    Tel: 44-1489-579 999
    Fax: 44-1489-579 937

    however, I have heard they are not the 'best' for service and helping people in need...(others may correct me....)

    being Danish, I am particularly aware of how good danish businesses are for service, so I wouldn't hesitate to go to them after/instead:
    8900 RANDERS
    Tel: 45-87 11 41 70
    Fax: 45-86 44 71 83

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    Your have to get your local gunshop to get one through the main dealers

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    Bow, get ready to bend over! This is likely to be expensive as sako will sell you a pack containing a whole triggers lot of replacement springs and screws. Personal experience with a second hand L61R rifle i bought that had a damaged screw.

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