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Thread: Experiance in Red deer managment

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    Experiance in Red deer managment

    Hi guys. Im currently working as an estate worker and parttime keeper on a 4500acre estate in fife scotland. I fancy trying to find a job further up north in the future but every advert ive seen Red deer managment and river ghillie experiance seems to be a must which i fully understand. But does anyone know how i got go about getting some experiance. Im 26 and only ever shot Roe, but this is somthing im realy keen on trying. Im not looking for any free shooting or to poach anyone's ground, just looking for a helping hand. Im a good grafter so any fences, dykes ect needing repaired or vermin control isnt a problem. If anybody can help that would be great Thanks.

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    Couple of things you could do:

    1) Get yourself on the Thurso college Game Management Course

    The North Highland College, Scotland. Thurso Campus

    Email Richard McNicol there. It's something you can do in conjunction with you're estate, you would spend 12 weeks a year at college and the rest of the time you'd be on you're own estate. Funding may be available.

    2) Email me you're info and CV and I'll see about getting you placed on a highland estate for the stags as a Ghillie.

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    SNH were looking for a couple of ghillies, check out SNH jobs website.

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    Qualifications Qualifications Qualifications

    As previously mentioned, college courses available at Northern College and Elmwood College will offer you a recognised qualification and most importantly, generally involve a work placement where you can learn hands on and get to know people and prove yourself.

    DMQ Levels 1 and 2 pretty much goes without saying.

    You probably want to get a day organised at the hinds this season so that you can experience hill stalking, for some doing it for real is somewhat different to any preconceived ideas.

    In addition to formal qualifications, contacts within the industry are invaluable.

    Good Luck.


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    hI Fifestalker snh looking for 2 ghillies for isle of rhum they get 2 new ones every year working with the horses. dot know if positions are full or not . phone snh in fortwilliam they will let you know. all the best

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    Scottish natural heritage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidm View Post
    Scottish natural heritage.
    thank you i did not know.

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