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Thread: Wildlife taking over

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    Wildlife taking over

    What would you do if this happen remembering it is illegal to interfere with them here in the uk.

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    The way he jumped back at the start, does he think they are vampires or something???? Does he not know sunlight would have killed them if they were...

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    Looks like they caused far more damage than the bats ever did... all those smashed tiles

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    perhaps he wants the guano for his tomatoes

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    At least these bats were on the outside. Had a rather prominent person in Central Scotland who had 3000 bats inside their house. I was appointed by the Loss Adjuster to deal with them and got a Licence from Scottish Exec to distrub the roost. There was an inch of guano throughout the floor void and wall linings and the only thing we could do was to drop the ceilings and reline, sealing all holes to prevent them getting back in. SNH were interesting to deal with

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    Lucky no one knows who these people are. They already committed an offence by disturbing the roost. I know these things are a pain at the time but there are good and proper ways of dealing with bats and far too many roosts lost. To be honest I would have gone out of my way to create them a suitable roost and keep them around.

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