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Thread: what do you think of the remington 7mm magnum

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    what do you think of the remington 7mm magnum

    for all the owners of this caliber what do you think of it good bad points etc thanks wraith

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    No bad points, if you are not afraid of a big bang.
    Choose your bullets wisely and you can shoot anything with it.
    I have taken many roe and munjac with mine down to sub 25m's with a premium bonded bullet its fine.
    Most standard soft points at under 200m can become varmint rounds if pushed to hard.
    Like I said else where to you.
    Speer grand slam or mag tip. Nosler partitions, trophy bonded bear claws and swift bullets all work well at normal ranges.
    Even the 150gr ballistic tips did massive damage to roe when i tried them and they were used up on foxes.
    Stay on 160+ bullets for deer and a good variety it is awesome.

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    Great round. I didn't own one but used my friends Rem 700 ADL more than a few times. I had a 300 Win Mag before. The 7 RM does anything a 300 does and is slightly more comfortable to shoot. I've shot big boar with it in bad light conditions. 170 grain Vulkan factory load , very lethal and nailed on the spot. Johns bullet recomendations are perfect, you might add the Barnes X , Norma Oryx , Vulkan , .... use hard strong bullets. Even on roe you will get clean shots using these bullets. If I would restart from zero I think I would get a 308 and a 7 mm RM. These two cover all European game at all distances. From my observation the 7 mm RM and 300 WM seem to keep game better on the spot than the 9.3 mm. I should see more of them to be 100% sure.

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    I love mine, wish I had bought one sooner! like the chaps above say pick your bullet carefully and dont go too light weight unless they are very good quality bonded bullets or monometal. My favourite is the 140 grain TSX but I'm wishing I had bought some 120 grain tsx to try as well

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    I've had one for 10 years now (surely it can't be that long - where has the time gone?). It would be the last rifle I would get rid of, I love it. I now pretty much only use it on Reds on the hill but in the past it has done a fair bit of work on Fallow. Personally, I wouldn't shoot Roe with it as the only time I did resulted in a fairly spectacular hole (but I haven't experimented too much with ammo). I used to feed it hand-loads of 150 Nosler BT but then had one blow up inside and made a mess of a hind - since then it has had 160 Federal SP and they seem to do everthing I want. I have a .270 that I use 'down South' and the two are pretty interchangable with regards trajectory, the 7mm just throws a heavier bullet and isn't affected by wind as much.
    Certainly accurate enough, any factory ammo I have put through it groups at just over the inch at 100 yards, hand-loads about half that.
    The only problem being my mates know when I have had a shot as it seems to have a fairly distinctive 'boom' and they have nick-named it 'the cannon'!

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