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Thread: Sauer Factory Visit

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    Sauer Factory Visit

    Just back from a couple of days at the factory and took a few pics.

    Sorry about the quality, taken with the phone:

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    Shame on you Deako - you've made me drool all over my keyboard

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    LOL...Sorry about that Moley!

    If its any consolation, the rifles in the last two pics each carried a price tag of some 30K...

    It would be nice to think they will actually be used rather than just sit in a display case for years. 8)

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    How did the factory visit come about? Do Sauer have a factory outlet similar to Steyr?
    I am rather fancying a 202 at the moment but don't know where there is a reasonable stokist in the U.K. where I can view the many options.
    Does anyone know if Garlands hold reasonable stocks as they are the importers, and if so are they on display.
    I am also thinking of the M03 Mauser but so far the importer hasn't sent the information that I requested.

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    Hi 8 x 57,

    The visit was for Sauer dealers in order for us to familiarise ourselves with the multitude of options that are available from Sauer, which is a lot!!

    It also included a days training on basic servicing and repairs on the 202 and 202 take down models.

    At the moment there are 20 official dealers in UK, all are expected to keep several rifles in stock at all times.

    Garlands should have a reasonable stock at any one time, but to find your local dealer, just follow the link on the Garlands website.

    Hope this helps.

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    Bought my l/h 202 from Garlands. Have not got to grips with it yet but it is very well made/engineered. Glad I bought it.

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    what fantastic pieces of wood deako,very nice.i was pissed off the night i scratched the butt on my cz american .223 so i wouldnt dare take one of them out of the house.but then again if you have 30k to spend on one you can afford to have it put right if you have a mishap.thanks for showing us.

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    Thanks Deako,
    I was looking at a couple on Friday but not realy the model I was thinking of. I still like the look of the 202, quite an elegant rifle.

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