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Thread: plugged barrel

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    plugged barrel

    Goodevening all,
    sitting up a high seat gives one so much time to think. Whilst sitting out, it occured to me how very annoying it would be if whilst during a stalk my barrel became blocked with mud, snow or worse. I have seen this happen many times on bird shoots, the gun has to spend time searching for a straight branch to clear the obstruction. Thats not so hard for a twelve bore, but damned near impossible for a rifle.
    I have come up with a solution, but wonder how viable production would be. My question is, how many of you do cover the end of the muzzle with tape, and how many just don't? Your response will have a direct influence on my investment in this device, so please tell me if I'm wasting my time.


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    I have put tape around the end of my barrel before but don't like it. I know it won't do any harm to the rifle. I much prefer to be careful where the rifle is pointing at all times. Never at another person and doubly never in the dirt! I'm ex-military see, such mistakes get beaten out of you in basic training, thankfully.

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    I use tape when it's raining! Try this take a length of that flexible curtain stuff, you know the white coated flexible stuff ? trim to length and put a bead of eppoxy on the cut ends.
    What you have here is a flexible blockage clearer, add a boresnake and a small amount of fluid put them in my Eagle butt bag and i am sorted.
    However this said i have never needed it in the field, as Beuwolf hinted prevention is better than cure.
    Like a boyscout be prepared

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    The piece of tape across the top of the muzzle is an old tip, ideal for when it's raining but not good enough if you stick the barrel in the soft earth!!
    The other thing is a length of insulated electical wire of suitable thickness, can be carried wrapped around the waist or coiled in a pocket.

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    yes, the curtain stuff should remove a stuck bullet head engaged in the rifling though - for F*** sake remove the bolt before doing this ! it happed to a mate once hence i came up with the solution mentioned

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    Fit a mod = no plugged barrel

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    Just a plugged mod Splash? Dirt in the baffles of a mod are possible moer difficult to clean than the rifle.

    From time to time I use tape not just for wet days but also dusty enviroments. You can also put a bit of tape over the end of the mod.
    Rule number 1 - dont plug your barrel. If you do and your life does not depend on it go home and clean the barrel properly.

    What Beowulf said about not liking tape due to his military training is true. What he did not mention is he hangs a great big floppy condom over the end of the barrel instead. Confuses the hell out of the wildlife


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    think it was Montgomery who spoke of condoms and barrels on d' day?
    anyway the statement might amuse - we want to Kill them not F*** them Sir !

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    Ha! Yes for beach landings and maritime operations we did use condoms. Salt water and sand is not a good combination. Although we would have had the p155 taken out of us in Northern Ireland if we had used them on the streets! I still carry a SA80 cleaning kit with me if I know that the weather and conditions are harsh. 'But never go putting your barrel in the **** is the hetrosexuals moto! ' Condom or not!

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    Ohhh jesus, I have taken a lot of clients out who use tape over their barrel, but if Mr B gets a packet of three out of his pocket and looks my way while we are out stalking, im off!!!!!!!!

    I think I had better carry a bigger knife with me?

    What do you think JAYB, I have heard of safe sex, but safe stalking takes on a whole new meaning with a packet of condoms in your pocket

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