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Thread: Trainer in w. Mids?

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    Trainer in w. Mids?

    Can anyone recommend a dog trainer within reasonable distance of Stafford? I'm having real problems with my Chesapeake and I could do with someone to tell me where I'm going wrong.

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    I know a very good trainer in Linconshire, is this any good to you?

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    I know Iím a bit far from you but if you donít get fixed up give me a bell and Iíll try to give you a hand over the phone, not ideal but as they say its good to talk and it may just be something simple.

    Best Regds


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    Thanks very much for your offer, its a shame that I've only just spotted it.

    Since my first post I've put in a lot of work with the dog and it does seem to be paying off slowly. He's still very flighty and immature but he does seem to be picking it up, a combination of half-rations and a pocketful of cheap turkey ham makes a big difference!

    About a week ago he found his first genuinely lost deer, a friend livered a roe buck which then disappeared 150 yds into thick plantation.
    It wasn't tidy and we wouldn't have won any prizes, but we found it.

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    Thatís all that counts, it donít need to be stylish just effective and as for prizes you and the dog won the biggest one of all, you found a deer that may have been otherwise lost.
    The offer still stands any help I can be just give me a bell.


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