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Thread: Sling stud fitted

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    Sling stud fitted

    I bit the bullet and went for some sling studs to replace the Parker Hale Sling loops that were originally fitted to my recently overhauled .270
    eBay's finest blued 1" and 3/4" machine stud for less than a fiver

    I went for a front stud with a nut rather than rely on the wood only security of a short screw in one
    This required an inlet hole to be drilled and the round nut to be tapped in. Much more secure and if I do use a bipod less stress on the wood.

    Look like this:

    butt stud is a screw in as normal

    Just need to get a decent strip of leather to do it justice now!

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    If you want a couple of white spacers to finish it off get in touch and I'll slip a couple in the post.
    When I have put studs in, although they are screwed in I always add a bit of araldite to the thread as the top stud can, sometimes, turn when hung over the shoulder after a while.

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    I actually deliberately left the white spacers out, don't like them.
    the beauty of the front stud with a captive nut is it has much finer threads rather than wood threads. its threadlocked into the nut so it wont move

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