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Thread: New From Cranborne Dorset

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    New From Cranborne Dorset

    First off a declared interest : Im a custom Knife maker and I Do make the Blades for Trade Member Dougster's Stalking knives which he sells in the Classifieds
    Im not here to sell Knives and Dougster's stuff is only available thro Him.

    Im interested in the feed back he gets tho and was just going to lurk and look around

    However ive Shot Rifle small bore and full bore since a kid in the Army Cadets we where lucky as Wiltshire ACF has the whole of Salisbury plain and the units there to use so had some great Help in the county shooting teams From the SASC instructors who had their kids in the cadets etc so many happy weekends spent on the ranges and with all sorts of weird n new kit they would bring along to have a play with .

    Ive also hunted with air guns since young and shot FT and HFT

    now starting in my 40's I haven't shot for a long time bar a short while at Christchurch Gun club trying all the practical shooting variations Rifle shotgun long barrel Revolver and Mini Rifle (.22 rimfire)
    Ive always considered maybe moving up to fullbore and smallbore hunting but never got there yet

    But the more im on here looking the more the urge to shoot again

    So im now thinking that doing a DSC 1 would be an interesting course Hopfully you can do them with no Equipment ie Rifle

    Well ive some of my Grandads old stuff about
    he was an old school Game Keeper back in the 50's -70's

    His gun dogs unusually where German Shepard Dogs



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    hi welcome to s.d. as a knife collector i would be interested to see some of your knifes. my main collection is puma. linder. and a few hen and rooster

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hello and welcome from the North

    " not the end of the world, - - but you can see it from here ! "

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    Welcome to the site, great old photos

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    Good to see you here mate.

    Now, back to the grind stone - literally.

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    Hi Duncan

    Long time no see are you buddy....I have new rifle coming soon, I am have a 30-06 made for me , should be ready in a month or so so will pop over to you and bring it round.


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