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Thread: 30-06 RWS 180grn H Mantle Heads

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    30-06 RWS 180grn H Mantle Heads

    Hi All,

    Has anyone any 180 grn H Mantle heads for sale in 30-06 and RWS re-loading manual
    Or a stockist that has any in.

    Much appreciated


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    i can get these for you but how many were you looking for as i have to make a minimum order up
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    Hi Spud, I used to use these in factory .270 loads, in my opinion they are the best bullet I've ever used. I would be interested in buying some 180/.30 ones but would need a firm price as I suspect that you will have to sell a kidney to buy 100! Glyn.

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    Ive already sold my soul to the devil , whats a kidney amongst freinds

    im just waiting for supplier to come back with a price on the h mantles
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    Down to my last 70 RWS factory rounds using the 180g H Mantle in .308

    They've never failed me, always providing controlled expansion.

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    Hi,did you manage to get any H mantle in 30 calibre ?

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    If you H Mantel guys aren't too proud, have a look at the PPU Grom bullets, I know they are 170gn but still as good as 180s and much cheaper.

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    i think h mantle are really good i enquired at york guns about buying the heads but the price was far to expensive for my 270w Would be interesting if you could come up trumps i am interested in 270w or 300w mag(308)

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