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Thread: PETA or just ignorance

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    PETA or just ignorance

    Found on another forum

    Gotta laugh............not

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    Well it just goes to show
    As i'm going to the store to get some made meat i
    must get some Veg that was not grown as well

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    Reminds me of my daughter who at the age of eight stated firmly that she did not want anything to do with eggs that came out of chickens' bottoms and we had to only ever give her those made by Sainsburys.

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    Don't know about funny that's scary when you think about, whoever wrote that might be a politician one day.

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    There is some clever little dick that wrote that, sat back saying to himself, now I'll see what sort of idiot really thinks that I wrote that fully believing it
    A similar thing is " why do we need to kill live chickens when there are so many in the shops already dead"
    I have heard that, and similar things, said in jest many times years ago before, we in UK, had even heard of PETA

    PS unless it was a politician that wrote it

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