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Thread: 6.5 x 47 loads?

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    6.5 x 47 loads?

    Hi Guys, I have just been informed that after a one year wait my new 6.5 x 47 Lapua (Cooper) will be delivered before the end of the month. So I have bought some Sierra Spitzer 120 gr heads and Lapua brass, now can anyone please share with me a good load for this bullet weight, it will mainly be used for hunting not target. It's a hunting rifle, with 1 in 8 twist and a 24 inch tube.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Try 36g sp7,37g vit 150.

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    You might find the 1-8 twist prefers a slightly heavier bullet & if so, I have a friend using a custom 6.5x47L 24" barrel. - 129gn Hornady SST. CCI BR primer & 37gns Rel.15.......oooooh La Laah..
    He uses the rifle for hunting & has excellent results. Knocks the deer down every time & super accuracy.
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    try h4350 +cci450 primers behind a 129 sst or 130 grn bullet around 40-41 grns start below this and work up
    this load has worked in sevral 6.5x47 laps in 1-8.5 twists better than .250 groups

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    Nice, did steve Kershaw build it?

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    varget, 36.7 upwards to about 39gn max, mine shoots them 5 shot .5moa or better, cant seem to make it do worse. also likes 123amax and 120gn ballistic tips. not shot any deer with the prohunters but i suspect they work if you put them in the right place.

    using cci benchrest primers, tried magnums the other day, didnt chrony but accuracy was similar.

    some are reporting that h4350 doesnt give best velocity and that r15 is too temp variable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OSS32 View Post
    Nice, did steve Kershaw build it?
    No mate, it's a Cooper from the USA

    Thanks for the suggestions guys, loads to sift through there.

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    I use 37 g n140 with the sierra 120g flat base. Am trying Varget following Redmists advice but have not test fired yet.

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    Hi I use 120gr nosler 50thou off rifling with 36gr varget (pressure gets a bit high at 37gr) I get 9mm group at 100m with a 7x50 scope ,they kill fallow with ease, I am going to try 123grAmax with vit n540 not sure how many gr of powder yet will look up on quick target before I start.
    I know the A-max on deer debate, and have seen the results and I was pleasantly surprised.
    Every rifle is different as you know, so we can only try loads what others before us have tried and learn from their mistakes and share what we find out ourselves.

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