Hello! Worth a go I think!...

I am looking for any part-time work within the shooting industry in the Sussex/Hampshire area. I do have a full time job (so wages aren't an issue) but am free most evenings and weekends - my hope is that this will lead to a full time job as I am seeking a career change in the next year or so.

I currently work as a Manager at a publishers within the Advertising sector. I am very experienced within business development/sales as well and board-level presenting and business structure, pricing, and strategy. I am DSC1 qualified, a registered deer warden, and have been running a vermin-control club at my local rifle range for the past 10 years (introducing newcomers to rabbit/vermin shooting).

If you would like to know any more about me or have any pointers or tips please PM me.

I'll consider anything, even voluntary work (if there are perks!)

Thanks in advance,