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Thread: My first official roe medal

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    My first official roe medal

    Well I have just had the roe i shot at the start of the season measured and it came a solid bronze with 111.57 scoring well on weight and volume as it was 544g full skull and good length with average of 25.15 but didn't do so well on any of the beauty points apart from tine ends only getting 0.5 for the coronets 1 for pearling and 1 got colour but all in all i can say I'm over the moon as it took him off the farm at home by myself and didn't really even think he was anything too special until i got him cleaned up and he's my first roe medal so will always be a memory .


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    Nice 1 - well done mate!
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    Well done sir, a good result, did you really want a gold as your first?


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    Nice one George.


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    Congrats, even sweeter off your own farm.

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    Well done George, hopefully the first of many!
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    Nice one George

    Mind and leave plenty space on the wall for the others to come.



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    Excellent. So much nicer that it came off of your own ground.

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    Well done George. What volume did it have and who scored it for you?

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