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Thread: Deer hoist

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    Deer hoist

    Can anybody suggest where to get hold of a gantry which could fit on a towbar plate or somewhere like that, something on which I could use a pulley rig?

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    You could try Cabela's but i suspect the cost of shipping would take the shine off using them..

    Here in the UK, David Stretton builds that sort of thing and would probably custom build the item to your spec's if required..David runs Donington Deer Management and from the few dealings I've had with him seems a decent enough chap...



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    Cheers Pete.
    That tow-ball mounted rig of his looks the job, not cheap, but I'm sure it's not exactly a high turnover item.
    Thanks for the link too mate, the best replies always have them.

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    Sportsman Gun centre in Dorchester had some of these when i was last in there a month or so ago.

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    Thanks for that sako 85, they are out of stock now but one of the sales assistants told me another place to try, very helpful.
    This site is great for this sort of thing!

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    Donnington deer management, larder equipment he knows how to charge .

    Like the light brigade .

    Has know one told him the price of steel has more than halved in the last couple of months . Wow

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    widows son

    Expensive? Everything is relative. When you look at the amount of work that goes into the equipment that Dave makes and the quality, it's not that expensive. The cost of the raw material is minimal compared to the labour that goes into the fabrication. Also, however much we might think otherwise, demand for deer equipment is minimal, so you don't get the benefits of production volumes.

    Given that he's only charging 6-9 for gambrels, I'd say he's pretty good value. Likewise, his deer cradles have gone down in price compared to the pre-Internet days.

    This is like the argument of "how much should I pay for stalking" - some people think anything that isn't free is too expensive. If you don't want to pay, no-one's forcing you.

    BTW, before anyone asks, I have no connection with Dave Stretton other than being a past customer.


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    Hi willie_gunn
    Just what I was thinking mate, but written much better than I would have managed.
    Plus Mr Stretton has already been in touch to arrange viewing/delivery options etc - pretty good so far in my book. I don't mind paying a bit extra for good product with good service, and the two don't always go together.
    If I was charging for my time the prices would be a lot higher than what he is charging that's for sure.

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    Have you progressed at all with the deer hoist? Just interested to hear of your experience with it.

    BTW, 4 gambrels ordered and received from Mr Stretton - very good quality and very good price.


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    I purcased the david strtton deer hoist about two years ago and cant fault it, well made good value for money and if looked after should last you years. Well longer than my binoculars that fell out the high seat did anyway OUCHHHHH.
    If you stalk the larger species on your own they are invaluable easily lifting fallow reds and boar up off the ground and out of harms way.
    Thats assuming you can get a vehickle on site , it certainly makes the grallock much easier on your back.

    The same time i bought the skinning rig attachment and once set up i can skin a large fallow buck in about three minutes.
    Quality job as well no hair all over the carcuss as in some hand skinnings.
    Once finnished with it all packs up tidelly into the truck [SORTED]

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