2 questions

I'm about to weld some fox grids for a partridge pen, the idea being that i will leave the pen up all year and the birds can come and go as they please (apart from the call birds) and give them a bit of refuge from the hook bills and any other nasties. Wot size would u weld the bars at so an adult partridge (experimenting with grey this year see how it goes, can't imagine much of a size difference althou been 15-20 years since i've shot/held a grey compared to a red) can get through easily. I'm visuliseing them in my hand but it's not really helping, was thiking 3"ish but that migt be tight? Cheers

Also while i was posting anyway
I'm jist wondering out of corousity how everyone builds and works there popholes on pheasant release pens. There's a new full time keeper (and he's a good keeper who done well last season) on an estate near our syndicate and he blocks all his popholes at last light and opens them again at first light to guarantee that no smaller fox cubs can sneak throu the grids in the first 2 weeks or so. Does anyone else do this. I've never heard off it before and the syndicate on the other side of us has started to do it too.

I weld our fox grids with angle and re bar welding them at about <80mm (3-31/4ish") which is quite tight but they have a middle insert u can pull out when the birds get bigger as they sometimes struggle to get throu, we also have the fox grids recessed about 4-6"ish inside the pophole and not flush with the wire. Both seem to work well for me atleast and i'd defo reccommend recessing ur fox grids althou prob to late for many off u this year, birds walk in really easily and don't hesitate and turn back the way they used too when flush.

Cheers in advance for any advice