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    Moderator choice

    I have a Lawrence Aurora Mod in .308 on my .223 which I am very happy with,I am considering re-threading my .308 rifle to use it on,I currentley have a PES stainless which is very good also.

    Has anybody had experience of an Aurora on a large Cal rifle,what sort of sound mod does it achieve?Would like to get some comments/opinions before screw cutting!!!



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    Quote Originally Posted by Wsm View Post

    Thanks,but thats my querie,that is the large "Eclipse",I have the baby "Aurora".....

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    Sorry I thought I put a paragraph in there about the Aurora

    I had an Aurora from Simon not far from when he started doing them and used it on a 270wsm.Not the quietest to be honest but bearable and it was primarily a short lightweight mod to go on a carry rifle so being the quietest wasn't the issue then.I've since replaced it with an Eclipse on a 270 and use the Aurora on a 22/250 with a 22 baffle stack

    The 308 hasn't anywhere near the capacity of a wsm case so I should think it'd cope quite well
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