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Thread: How much to pay

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    How much to pay

    Hi all I have been offered the chance to take on around 300 acres of farmland with the rights to the deer. I no this has been discused before but I can not find the posts,
    How much is a fair price to pay for stalking rights is there a going Rate ?

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    On 300 acres i would expect to pay very little as you would have to be carefull about how many deer you shoot.
    Have there been any discussions with the land owner?

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    how much

    The Farm has just been sold and the owner has no records from the last person that had the ground.
    Althrough the ground is small it boarders a friends ground that he has shot over for many years and is boarders a hugh forest that contains alot of deer.
    The other benifit to this is that is about 1/2 mile from my back door.
    Very difficult to price dont wont to insult the farmer with low price then again dont wont to pay well over the odds. or loose it.

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    Tell him you'll control the deer for free................'M'

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    Dependant on your interests, species present and your priorities in the matter, consider offering a split of the venison fee.

    If trophy animals are available, and you are happy to shoot with the aim of managing for quality - maybe consider offering a split on any fees brought in by occasional accompanied stalking.

    This option will allow you to highlight the benefits of a long-term relationship and the potential for an increasing income for the land-owner. It also gives you the chance to warn him as to the dangers of letting the ground for a lump sum, then having the quality animals shot out while control is not extended to the female population!

    Unfortunately, a 'fair' price varies wildly, dependant on locations and species available. Good luck!

    Rgds Ian

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    The going rate seems to be about 100 per carcass irrelevant of acreage..


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    Offer him a professional standard of deer management, predator/vermin control if required, and a regular supply of venison relative to what you shoot. A bottle of scotch at Xmas will normally help too. Not all areas have a 'going rate'! I have thousands of acres and don't pay for any of it. Many landowners are just glad of someone they can trust to do the job properly and safely. I have just taken on a lovely 2000 acre estate for exactly those reasons. All legal documents written up and contracted, but no fees on either side. I also keep everything I shoot. Don't mention money unless you have to.
    Good luck!!

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    rip off

    Thankyou all for your comments etc.
    Having walked the ground and found out abit more about what was exactly on offer it appears My freindly local farmer was not as land rich as i first thought. Some of the 300 acres offered he lets off another farmer who does not allow shooting the remaining 170 acre that he owns is the only bit that is able to shoot over. No Deer present on the land but there are a FEW moving through................. ASking Price............. Wait for it 700.
    My reply thanks but no thanks....... recons he has someone to take it on at this price (good luck to them) Shame the local deer population is now going to get hammered to death.

    One greedy land owner.

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    In recent years prices have gone sky high , but I'd say 1 an acre p/a is about right for shooting rights, thats game and stalking along with any goose/duck shooting.

    However we are now seeing people paying 700 for 170 acres, absolute madness!!!!!

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