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Thread: Bipod fouls moderator

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    Bipod fouls moderator

    Now I have my new lovely T8, the bipod will foul it . I could fit it backwards but dont like the idea, I could leave it off or pack out the base plate to move it down and away from the mod. Have you any thoughts. If so what and how? Tom

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    There are 2 little tabs that the legs rest on use an adjustable spanner and gently bend them up until the legs no longer foul the mod.

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    There are 2 little tabs that the legs rest on use an adjustable spanner and gently bend them up until the legs no longer foul the mod.

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    I had the same problem and simply packed the gap between stock and bipod plate with a post it note!! Guess you could use rubber or something a bit more pro

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    Can see the point but dont like the idea of fitting the wrong way round. The stop lugs are at right angles so cant gain enough there. Decided to pack it out forward of the stud, but the stud pulled out on tightening. Tried some super dooper araldite no use at all. So this morning heart in mouth I have drilled out the hole and glued in a wooden plug drilled a pilot hole, cleaned up the stud thread and refitted it. Feels really tight now.
    Giving it the rest of the day for the glue to really set and will have ago tomorrow. Anyone any ideas what to pad it out with, wondered about some neoprene I have cut off the mod sleeve, or do I need something more solid.?

    Fired a few zeroing shots yesterday, wow what a difference, much sweeter shooting gun now, less noise less recoil and keeps the sight picture. Not so good to look at and balance well !! but well worth it.

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    Glad you're happy with the mod!

    Regarding the bipod problem......I would swap it for the short legged version!!!!!!.........this i would use only for zeroing, fox shooting or hill stalking. Better to practice shooting without one off your knees or use sticks. I never have a bipod attached whilst woodland stalking as i never seem to have time to deploy them or the ground cover is too thick.It's personal preferrence at the end of the day though, so how's this for an idea?.........find someone with a mig or tig welder, take the bipod to them and have them put a 'blob' of weld on the tabs. this should then be sufficient to hold the legs off the mod.

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    All my bi-pods have a spring clip with a raised ridge running longways that is clipped around the leg up near the joint.
    I have one where the bi-pod touched but all I did was push the clip forward so that the tags on the legs touch the raised ridge and it is sufficient to make the legs clear the barrel.

    Oh sorry, re-read your post and now realise you are talking about a long bi-pod fouling your Moderator, sorry I have not come across that yet.
    On my short barreled rifles I use a short moderator so still have room for my bi-pod.

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    Thanks for the help, decided to pad out the front edge of the bipod bracket, the problem was what with after looking round the car and home decided to try some of the non slip rubber matting from the bottom of the kitchen draws. Cut a small piece inch wide and two long rolled it up tight to about a 1 cm in diameter and slipped it under the braket it compressed to about half the size and the bracket is really tight on its new stud. There is enough clearance for the mod with a cover on if required. If anyone needs a bit of matting its a big draw, I started at the back so noone is going to notice for ages

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