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    english pointers

    was just wondering if anybody use's english pointers for deer, as in pointing and tracking and if so what are your findings.
    thanks stav
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    I think stav,
    From those I have trained for bird work ,two main problems , Colour, , large and lots of white, Also temperament all are extremely focused on bird scent,there fore easily distracted not really got the perseverance required for the older no blood type of trail. That said will as has been said will probably find a fresh shot deer with a blood trail , My opinion only not ment as an insult to a great stylish bird dog , Regards Widu.


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    I think we all agree that the pointer probably has one of the best noses of all gundogbreeds. Still we do not see him as a narcotic dog. For me it's the way they use their nose. Pointers and setters are air scenters. A spaniel probably is between a hound and a pointing dog. Sometimes using airscent, sometimes a track on the ground. Tracking dogs like the Bayrisch and the Hannoverian are member of the houndgroup. They are a type of dog which are groundscent attracted. Thats why , on avarage, it will always be harder to train a pointer following tracks.

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    I had a Gordon setter which I used primarily on partridge in his day. He was a great dog but lived in a different world to the rest of us a bit, he would cast and quarter wide open ground air scenting only, he would point and hold birds, none of which I think I taught him. I did try to teach him to retrieve - totally unsuccessful, I tried to teach him heel and sit with partial success.

    I don't know whether he would have tracked as I never tried but he never pointed deer if he winded them in the field and again I never taught him that either!

    I just think they are the epitome of selective breeding and really only suited to what they do.

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