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Thread: Visited prospective new permission this morning.....

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    Visited prospective new permission this morning.....

    Walked round the new land this morning.......

    Postby re'M'ington on Sun Apr 05, 2009 4:48 pm
    Well,I went to see the landowner on a bit of land fairly near me this morning thinking that he was going to ask me to look after a few hundred birds.I am not in a positon to be able to do that at this point in time,and,was hoping to get the rabbit and fox shooting along with any other pest control he wanted done,he also has deer on there,and,three fair sized plantations(Poplars with a few broadleaved in there for good measure).He was a great guy,that loves guns/rifles although he doesn't shoot very often,he just loves them.He did say tghat he does want to put birds down at some point,so would like the fox population thinned out,and,the deer also controlled.He signed the permission slip there and then,and,then showed me the boundaries,and,basically told me to get on with it,I can put up a highseat,even though there is already one there,and,just said to let the manager know when I am going to be about.......I was over the moon,especially after the last few days.
    Anyway,here are a couple of well used Deer paths.............

    And,some fraying,one bit is where we disturbed him,and,you can see how high up the tree it is as my Brother-in-Law is 5'11"...

    Here is the resident highseat..............

    and,the view from it,forwards.............

    and,the Badger sette just behind it.............

    Here is a couch that we disturbed another very good Buck from,he was amongst the Poplars with another young Button Buck,and,a Doe...........

    All in all I think it was a very productive day,seven Deer seen,and,the next time I shall get there(tomorrow)I shall be well gunned up and ready for the off!!!!

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    looks to be a nice bit of land
    how the hell do you lads manage to get land like this
    lucky bu***r
    good luck to you i hope you get plenty off it

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    Well done mate, some useful looking land you`ve got now. So close to your home too.

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    well done mate,i wish we had has many with deer problems up this way.fingers crossed it shouldnt take to long for them to build up,i saw 2 roe here last summer so hopefully it shouldnt take to many years.good luck when you o out in the morning.

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    Good Work buddy, you seem to be filling your boots over there now with new bits of land since you left the Syndicate.

    Good job that you did leave as you would have struggled to cover the whole lot now & at least you dont have that 80 mile round trip either.

    Regs Lee

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    new patch

    Well done Rem, 8) .Good luck with the new patch,look forward to seeing your next posts.

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