Hi all

This Trevor Proctor rifle in 6.5x57 is for sale for 2000 by the owner Ken Griffin not me, i'm just the messenger

Ken was head stalker on Applecross Estate up untill retirement 5 years ago and now has no more need for this rifle and can make better use of the money should the rifle sell.

I will pass on any serious interest to Ken and you can negotiate between yourselves.



The write up below are Kens words not mine:

The stock is built with a shotgun type cast-off at the 'wrist' and the top comb of the butt is of a height - much like the modern sniper-rifle butts - so that the bolt extraction just clears the wood.
In this way the rifle can be flung up much like a shotgun and the scope arrives at eye level.
The stock design is also intended to fit properly into the shoulder in all positions and the 'straight-through' line minimises any tendency to upwards flip during recoil. This is successful, transferring the cartridge energy straight along to the shoulder instead or up in the air.

The sight mounts are sweated onto the action for the strongest alignment possible. If the 'scope requires to be removed, the sight adjustment turrets are unfastened, the rear section of the 'scope also unfastened, then the top mount studs are loosened and the 'scope slid out for maintenance if required.

The sight cannot otherwise move unless the rifle is severely abused. The rifle can shoot one bullet into the previous hole at 100 mtrs. as has been demonstrated in the presence of witnesses.

Advice on current bullet types and powders are available from the present owner, and alternative arrangements for posting the reloading dies and cases - new and used - can be made at the purchaser's expense.