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    I am thinking of a long term project and maybe building a rifle in 7x64.

    Does anyone have experience of the round as in how accurate it is, what is the recoil like, is there ammo easily available for it?

    I would be interested to know any opinions.

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    hi trig used one in france boar hunting it belonged 2 our host i found it ok as good as a 270 win if not better recoil no probs accurate to ammo in uk no probs either i shot 2 boar with it a good all rounder i would say

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    I had a Musgrave Mod 90 7x64 as my main rifle is South Africa, and used it on everything from springbuck to eland. I can't comment on ammo availability in the UK, but it is quite popular in SA and on the continent.

    It is as accurate as most sporting rifles, no more, no less. The long throat and fast rifling twist found in factory generally favours heavier bullets- I played with everything from 130 to 175 grains before settling on 160 grain bullets at around 2800 fps.

    Ballistically you won't gain much over the .270 except the ability to use heavier bullets, but it is a very fine calibre indeed.

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    I have one. When I bought it the 30-06 was still not allowed in Belgium. Good round and factory ammo is available with a lot of good 170/177 grain bullets. Norma has a very flat shooting 140 Nosl Accubond available. Probably very good for the hill. Factory ammo is easely available, so must be brass.
    My rifle , a browning European , shoots with all the factory ammo that I fed him sub moa. All loads , 3 shots wich I could cover with a euro coin. That coin is 0.9".
    If you like it you wont regret buying it. For me, a mix of a 270 and a 30-06.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trigwig78 View Post
    I am thinking of a long term project and maybe building a rifle in 7x64.

    Does anyone have experience of the round as in how accurate it is, what is the recoil like, is there ammo easily available for it?

    I would be interested to know any opinions.
    Why not a .284 Win? Regards JCS

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    My advice? Unless you are SPECIFICALLY shooting on continental Europe I'd either have that bespoke rifle in 270 Winchester or 7mm Remington Magnum (if for so;e reason that magic .284" bullet diameter is required)!

    7x64 is a fine and excellent calibre. But it is unless on continental Europe still an "odd" calibre. That is to the shame of sportsmen and women who fail to see that it is an all around excellent cartridge. But sadly that means most places will only have expensive European loaded ammunition or components and not cheaper US made offerings. Same for buying secondhand dies off eBay!

    And, unless you need more than 150 grains bullet weight - where, of course any "7mm" runs rings around the 270 Winchester - the 7x64 offers no advantage over the 270 Winchester. The earlier post by WINDKNOT pretty much nailed that point.

    I have a 270 Winchester and, in fact, a Belgian artisan 280 Remington on an ex-Nazi Mauser 98K action. And, on the continent 280 Remington ammunition is easily sourced. But I would hesitate before recommending you chamber it to that.

    Although, in loose terms, the 280 Remington could, almost be called a 7x64 IMPROVED in that it blows out the taper on the case walls that is the feature of the 7x64.

    Hope it helps. My advice? Maybe consider 7mm Remington Magnum if your action length will accommodate. 7x64 is a fine calibre if using bullets over 150 grains...but few appreciate it and you will have trouble ever selling it I think. 150 grains and under? It is an expensive, almost "boutique" here in UK, version of the BETTER and cheaper 270 Winchester IMHO!

    The only advantage is that you can, at a price, reload it with all those exotic German TIG and TUG bullets or the PRIVI GROM.
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    My mate and stalking buddy shoots everything with a steyr classic half stock in 7 x64 and I must say it is a very nice round all but a little hard to get a varied ammo range around here .no more recoil than my 308 and seems to kill deer from munty to red with no adverse meat damage .don't see him changing to another cal until its shot out which may be a long while yet .

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    I have 7x64 and like it a lot, but for UK would go for .270 or even better .308.

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    I went for one as I live on the continent next to France. Everything the .270 should be in my opinion, the ability to throw bigger pills is useful. Doesn't seem so easy to feed in the UK as over here.

    Good luck in your choice!



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    Of course if enough people in the UK bought one and ordered ammunition that might create enough demand so that the ammunition became readily available. Seriously if your local dealer can't get stuff in that you need, get a different dealer!


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