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Thread: Reloading, Rules and Regulations

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    Reloading, Rules and Regulations

    Hi all ,

    I'm hopeing this is the correct place for this.

    Putting this up for a friend of mine, He's Irish and has a job in England. He was big into deer hunting over here but sold his gear to help himself with the cost of the move.

    He has been there for just about four months now and is thinking of getting into it again. Buying another firearm and maybe looking into the reloading side of it . I told him i would put it up here to find out what he would have to do about licencing a new firearm and the rules and such to do with getting the reloading gear.

    Any help greatly appreciated



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    no rules at all regarding reloading as long as the calibres you are realoding are on your liscence and if you are realoding with expanding ammo you need that permisson on the lisence as well

    get your mate to givve us a shout if he needs any more help with general reloading advice
    atb mark
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