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Thread: favourite shotgun cartridges

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    favourite shotgun cartridges

    I'm doing a bit of research and would like to know what cartridge make/model you use and for what?, feel free to list a few if you use different ones for different shooting situations or quarry.
    Many thanks.

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    Woodies...anything! Ive used everything from totally over the top 1s to 24g 9.5's and if you put them in the right place they all fold woodies.
    Geese....1's and 3,s (steel of course)
    Duck....prefer 4's
    Pheasies and partridge....start of season 6's then onto 5's as they get the idea and a bit of wind behind them
    Rabbits.....5's but again anything in the bag really
    Fox and hares drives.....5's

    In fact overall I would say 5's are my favourite for just about anything except pinkies that need a bit more of a hole in them to persuade them they're dead.
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    Eley Olympics for dtl
    lakelander and heym rifles.

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    Hull comp x 21grm 7.5's for clays, Hull 3 crown 30grms 5's and Gamebore pure gold 30grm 5's for driven Pheasant. Last year I used eley Hi-Flyers 30 grm 6's for rough shooting and liked them. Im going to try just cartrdiges extreme game 30grm 5's for driven Pheasant this year as they seem to be the same as the Gamebore but alot cheaper.


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    What ever I have been able to pilfer when loading

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogtrotter View Post
    What ever I have been able to pilfer when loading
    yup ahmen to that , there is a little pikey in all of us im glad im not the only loader that does it !

    apart from that , i like gamebore clear pigeon

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    gamebore black gold game 5's 30 grams for driven pheasants

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    Saga 34g no6 for most things Pheasent pigeon rabbits ect. And saga 36g 3s or gambore 42g 1s for foxes .. Saga 28g 6 1/2 for clays and they are not bad on pigeons . The saga main dealer lives down the road witch is handy.

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    Mostly Clever Mirage 32gram 5's for pheasants and ducks and 3's for the odd Geese outing

    All but 1 member of our syndicate use the Clever's but I suspect that's bevause the nearest gunshop is a major supplier of Clever Mirage carts.

    For the odd day at Clays I like the 28gram Eley Olympics, do all I need and reasonably priced too.

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    30g clear pigeon 6's for pigeon
    34g 4's for duck
    RC6's for pheasant
    RC4's for high pheasant
    For clays the cheapest I can get as it's only for fun and a laugh with the lads.
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