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    For those of you who are lucky enough to have roe around where you you live,have they allways been with you or arrived over the years?iam just wondering how many years they took to establish as i have seen 2 last year close to home.hopefully they will get left alone for a few years.

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    When I was at college in Warwickshire in the early 80's there were no roe at all, just fallow. I was very surprises to see them emerging from a wood during a pheasant drive when I was invited back to a shoot a few years ago. I don't know exactly when they arrived (this is in the triangle formed by Stratford, Leamington and Warwick) but it was sure good to see them. I'll try and find out.

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    Put it this way,if someone said they had saw a Roe(or any deer for that matter)around here 15 years ago,it would of been a real event,and,now the valley is heaving with them...............'M'

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    my dad shot the first roe he saw on the ground i now manage 12 years ago (Worcs Glos border), we always had fallow on the ground before but the first roe doe was shot 12 years ago, we now have a nice number on the ground although it would be nice to see a few more bucks.

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    I think that roe can appear in a new area and be thin on the ground for quite some time not being such a herd animal as some other species. Often the first deer in are young bucks pushed out in the Spring and looking for new territory. It might be another year or even two before a doe turns up and provided they both survive you have the nucleus of a population boosted by more new arrivals.

    So although the roe are technically present they can be very thin on the ground. In Wales if you look at the map you will see that roe occupied squares actually cover the majority of Wales. The truth is that the FC have been shooting them on sight since they turned up in Wales and the fox/rabbit lampers have had a few as well so although the squares have (or had) roe this might be a very few animals .

    After being alerted by another forum member who had seen some, I saw a roe locally in North Wales in 2007, I was told about another two quite nearby, I found a discarded skin and found out that a local stalker shot a buck about five miles away in 2004.

    This had all the signs of roe establishing themselves in the area but despite cruising around likely areas as the light faded on many occasions since then I have yet to see another one, nor have I heard of anyone else seeing one.

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    thanks guys,i just hope they get left alone for a few years so then they need managing properly.paul i have sent you a pm.

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