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Thread: Simulated stalk

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    Simulated stalk

    Just testing the water, really. Has anybody any experience of a simulated stalk? I believe they are similar in many repsects to a simulated driven bird day, albeit with static targets; or like field archery, maybe.

    I can see how it might appeal as a variant on straight target shooting but is there really anything more to it than a walk in the woods with an occasional pop at silhouette?

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    It depends on the course thats been set up..

    You can use some of the newer photo type targets of the different species/sexes so immediately you can test for recognition, seasons ect..Also range estimation can be practiced..

    The targets can also be laid out with "no shoots" for safety reasons as another test ie it could have no back stop ect..

    The course could require you to shoot from different positions at different ranges...

    Really its all down to the imagination of the people putting it together. I've been on some that were just "ok" while others that have been interesting and quite challenging..

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    would think it would be very close to having a wxxk .learned noting but no harm done

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    On balance I think I will keep my pocket money to spend on the real thing. I reckon I drifted away from clay shooting for the same reason - some of the action, not much of the fun.

    Cheers chaps!

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    Who was running it and what were they charging?

    I've never seen one laid on as a "paying event" on its own but rather as part of a training day by the likes of the BDS and DCS ect...

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