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Thread: Warehouse and Driving Job's Yeovil and Torquay, just trying to help.

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    Warehouse and Driving Job's Yeovil and Torquay, just trying to help.


    I am just offering a bit of a head start in the process for fellow shooters who may be looking for work in these hard times.

    I work for a car parts company and we are about to open a branch in Yeovil start of Sep and Torquay mid Sep. We will need a couple of warehouse staff and several van drivers for each so if you are interested drop me a pm and I will let you know who to apply via. I am responsible for the branches in the South West but pass recruitment onto my team.

    The hours 44 hrs a week for a driver and 8 to 6 for warehouse weekdays and alternate Sat's 8 - 4, there are bonus payments but outside of this the positions are min wage.

    Like I said its just a head start in the process, if I get swamped with replies I will have to close the offer at some point as we only need about 15 people across both.

    Just trying to help. Regards Nigel (PS thanks Admin for allowing this post)

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    bump for the weekend

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