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    Done a bit of a search on TSD and not coming up with much recent info on rangefinders. I totally over estimated the range of a munty last night at dusk - or at least according to google maps I over estimated it - and have been toying with the idea of a rangefinder for a while.

    I'm looking for something around the 200 mark and Bushnell seem to fit the bill - anyone used one or got any other recommendations?

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    I have a Bushnell pro 1000 ARC. You can't get them here yet I got mine from Cableas. Good service.
    They won't range for miles but for 'normal' stalking distances tghey are good. I also use mine at night for foxing just to check the distance for my records.
    The ARC function is handy you go onto thier website and find your ballistic data enter the correct letter code and it will give you bullet drop for that distance.


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    According to Uttings, the 1000 ARC is supposed to available in the UK this month.

    Jon, from the number of posts you have put up today I'm assuming you have the day off?

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    Try a Nikon Buckmaster Laser Rangefinder 600, their camera optics have a legendary reputation and it certainly brighetr than a bushnell. I got mine via eaby from USA and I am very pleased with it.

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    Bushnell Scout 1000. Bought it from Uttings about 6 months ago for about 160 - 170.

    Great little unit that is much better than my mates leupold 600 (wich was almost twice the price). It even has a little bullet drop calculator - though trusting it is a step to far for me.

    It's never let me down.

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    There is a Leica LRF 900 for sale here. 200 ono posted

    Much better than the stuff being mentioned so far.

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    i'll second the leica statement. you need LED display, not LCD so you can see it in low light.

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