Firstly just to say that I have absolutely no connection to the company but I do have to say what a great job Simon Lawrence has done with my new moderator.

I already had one of his mods on my .243 and wanted to replace my .308 mod. Simon suggested I went to see him. He talked through what I wanted, showed me his set up (and also some v interesting titanium based rifle projects too). I couldn't help but be impressed by his passion for engineering and wanting to improve things - I'm an engineer by background myself and get a tad hung up about things both working efficiently and looking right.

Ok, a mod is a mod and there are other v lightweight ones around but mine looks spot on, matches the barrel as to colour perfectly, has a silky smooth thread, has great little quality engineering touches and will outlast me. The whole rifle set up is something that I'm very proud of and important to me it looks right. I've spent a few quid extra but for me it was worth it for the customer service and a non-mass produced item that'll give me years and years of service.

Thank you Simon.