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Thread: carcass tray

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    carcass tray

    Need a carcass tray to fit in the back of a landy defender 90, not got a ikea local and a plastering bath is too long anyone got any ideas or where you coud buy in yorkshire ? DF

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    Hi Bob

    Pity about not having Ikea close by as I have several from them and for the money hard to beat for the smaller species, not those red of yours though!!!

    I have seen some suitable in B&Q as well that are probably as good as the ikea ones. Cannot remember price. For comparison 2 large trays and 4 small ones I use for drips in the chill cost me 18...

    Can you wait until you are next up and I will pick some up for you when I'm next up in the big smoke?

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    They do a short version of the plaster bath, its about 12" shorter.

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    D F have you tried looking at a water butt, the type I mean is the ones that you see lying around farms (big square, white in colour, sometimes enclosed in a wire cage??). If you look on the Jelen stalking vide clip where Mike A takes the feet off a roe, you can see he is using one of these containers cut down. Actually you could end with 2 trays, one would have a ready made drain hole (the filler cap) Good luck

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    kids plastic wading pool,pick a size to suit your vehicle

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    I use a Laguna goldfish pond, perfect! The IBC crates are big!

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    i use a royal mail postal tray, ideal for roe and muntjac

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    Well I've got one of these from homebase with one of these off of the bay
    in the bottom to keep the carcas out of the blood its a perfect fit.

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    ditto homebase

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    Thanks for the replies some good options there. DF

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