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Thread: age to start whistle training

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    age to start whistle training

    what is the best age to start training a dog to the whistle? 6 months or so?

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    I always have a whistle around my neck, i have started trying a cocker at the moment and when walking her if i stop i blow up and get her to sit, recall starts about the same time which is about 4 months, it doesn't matter if she doesn't do as i ask at this stage just whistle association with the action you require at that stage.

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    I don't think it critical when you start whistle training, mine know how to ignore it from day 1!

    Seriously though, I think cooking fat is about right.

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    Rory Major has the pups on the whistle while there still with mum, recall that is! If you have an older dog on the whistle with the pup running free it's a piece of cake!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    what is the best age to start training a dog to the whistle? 6 months or so?
    i'll be honest , I don't bother with a whistle any more but that is my personal choice and my own training
    Whistle work is a great advantage thou when needed
    and in the past i did use it to great effect and probably will again in the future
    What dog is it??
    What type of work and training are you talking about??
    kind regards

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    All my pups are on the recall whistle before they go to their new homes - they hear it from as soon as their eyes are open at feed time, once they are more mobile, they soon learn to associate the whistle with food time and play time.

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    Yeah, I would say four weeks is the time to start. Sitting and staying by about 10 or 12 weeks. Never too early in my opinion. I never understand why people clap their hands to get pups to come to them. It's just easier to use a whistle!

    Just be careful not to over use it. It soon becomes ambient noise if you're always on the whistle!

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    STOP WHISTLE As said feeding time is the best time and from the time they have their own food bowls, bowl in left hand up high so pup looks up say sit with right hand up, palm forward the second the pup sits put the food bowl down with praise, soon add whistle peep to word sit, bum down ,praise... alternate word sit with whistle peep... but every mealtime, be consistent.
    Later use tennis ball when pup is scampering freely call name, when it stops to look at you blow stop whistle, the moment bum is on ground toss tennis ball so that it can catch it, dont throw to one side or you will encourage running in. Very soon you will have a pup that is fitted with super brakes, it will (if you have done this right) stop and turn on a sixpence. Once pup has got the message dont overdo this or it may become sticky on the outrun and anticipating the stop whistle.

    Good luck pm me if you want clarification. Willowbank
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