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Thread: .308 federal once fired cases

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    .308 federal once fired cases

    hello all I have several hunderd once fired Federal nickle plated cases for sale all prices will include P&P

    1/ 100 .308 cases 24 inc P&P
    2/ 200 .308 cases 44 inc P&P

    4/ 400 .308 cases 82 inc p&p

    If needed I can fully prep cases (I would rather do this than watch soaps with misses) this would inc cleaning, FL resize of case , trimmed to length , neck chamfered inside & out flash hole deburred and primed pocket cleaned & uniformed .

    Regards ...Neil

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    Please can you post a good close up pic of the primer, I suspect these have crimped primers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bills View Post
    Please can you post a good close up pic of the primer, I suspect these have crimped primers?
    Nice one bills, once bitten............

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    I'll take the lot, If you really want an excuse not to watch the soaps with the Mrs you can play with them before despatch if you like.
    I am not sure if you have a drop off point near you but if you do it would be best to use this courier -
    They are reliable and cheap.
    PM with personal details sent.

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    He he cheers Windy, well I suppose that settles the need for a photo
    I am still reaming my other ones

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    sorry no reply to thread gents i've been manic in work last two weeks . bILL....the primers are normal primers not crimped and will send photo asap or even send you one of the cases to examine drop me a pm ....neil

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    Attachment 17868Attachment 17869

    pictures of the .308 cases , from L-R in the 2nd pic you have fired case ,deprimed case & deprimed & primer pocket cleaned .

    If you want cases prepped there would be an additional charge, normally @ 10 per/100 -200 cases 8 per/100 for 300-500 cases

    hope this helps ...Neil
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    My offer still stands @ 82 for 400 once fired cases.

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